Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Don't look pretty to exercise...exercise to look pretty.  This is me after a hard workout, which I believe today will be because we have to not only run, but burpees as well.  Ai-yi-yi!  I'm sure I completely misspelled that, but it's okay.  You get my meaning.  ;)

I was really tired when I updated yesterday's blog.  Cutting the grass really wore me out.  I am very proud to say I could tell a HUGE difference while cutting my yard, though.  I always cut our grass - Honey-Buns has allergies and can't.  His response to everything is like Jake on Two And A Half Men, "Why don't you just hire a guy?"  I've tried.  I'm just too anal to let someone do something that I know I could have done "correctly" myself and too cheap to pay someone to do something that I know I can do myself!  So, I never "hire a guy" unless I'm completely stuck and clueless.  It doesn't happen very often (wink, wink) but it does happen!  lol   Anyway, back to topic.  Last year I would have to stop when doing the hilly part of the yard and catch my breath - keep in mind this was while using the self-propel feature on my push mower.  Yesterday?  Nope, didn't stop AT ALL except to empty the clippings from the bag.  I wanted to stop once, but I only had like two more "rows" to cut, so I forced myself to continue until it was done.  That's another thing that was different - the chatter in my head.  Anytime I would even think about stopping, it would be like "No, quit being a wimp and go" or "You can do this" or something like that.  Before it would be like "Okay, stop"!  Crazy what a difference a few minutes a day make, huh?  SO happy I found CrossFit!  

Well, I mentioned earlier that today's workout looked hard and it does.  That's okay - I've been expecting it.  I have a sneaky feeling we might me running for the rest of the week.  :)

Today's CrossFit is a Hero Workout in honor of fallen Staff Sergeant Ricardo Barraza.  
   As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes:
      Run 200 meters (1/4 mile)
      9 Deadlifts w/60 lbs
      6 Barfacing Burpees

March Madness:
   30 Squats
   15 Burpees
   *extra for me* 30 Sit-ups

Jenni recommended watching the linked video on CrossFit Mamas website for the bar-facing burpees, so I did, but I did not see anything different than what I do anyway.  I think most people are trying to do the little push-up movement in their burpee, which (from what I can gather, anyway) is not required in CrossFit burpees.  I'm glad because that would make it even harder than it already is!  lol
First off, let me say that 200 meters is NOT 1/4 mile, but 1/8 mile - which is what I did every round.  Secondly, that picture I used for today's blog?  That really could be me...if I were WAY skinnier and taller!  lol

I had set a personal goal of 5 rounds, just going by what everyone else was posting,  However, after seeing my time on the first round, I decided to go for 4 rounds.  Well, I made it 3 full rounds plus 100 meters running into the 4th round.  I stopped the treadmill (really, it was NO trouble at that point to stop!) and re-set my timer and jumped (you know better than to believe that!) back onto my treadmill and finished the 4th round.  That took me an addition 3:43.  Wow!  Who knew I'd prefer running over burpees?  Especially bar-facing burpees!  OMG - that little jump killed me!!!!

I did not do March Madness.  My reasoning -'s a reasoning and not an excuse :) - is that I kinda squatted doing the deadlifts and I did 36 of those total and burpees were DEFINITELY included in today's workout and I did 24 of those.  I did do 30 sit-ups, though.  Progress!

I am happy to say that I did today's CrossFit almost as RX'd - my deadlifts were with 50 lbs since that's as high as my weights go.  THAT'S always a good thing!  AND - I ran ALL of the running segments.  THAT is definitely a good thing!!    :)


  1. from what I understand the bar facing burpee video is the same one as just the regular burpee..the bar facing one is a bit different because when u come up you hop over your bar and go down and do it again..does that makes sense? google it if this doesn't make sense lol there is a difference! oh and I'm totally jealous you get to cut your grass..we just had another huge snowstorm last is cancelled today..not a great way to ring in the first day of spring :/ good luck today!

  2. Thanks, Gina! I was wondering what the difference was - there really wasn't one in the video Jenni had on the site. We had 80-degree weather over the weekend, dropped to mid-40s Monday, then back up to 60 yesterday. Tomorrow night we might get sleet and there are freeze warnings. Only in Georgia do you experience EVERY season in one week! :)

  3. Yes, you face the bar, do your burpee, hop over the bar, turn to face it again, and repeat :) just a little more to it than a regular burpee.
    As for cutting grass, I want the warm weather, but that's my summer job and I can't say as I'm looking forward to it :/ lol
    Have a great day and enjoy your wod! :)
    They announce the new open wod tonight! 13.3! Kinda anxious to see what it will be! Check it out, you will know what the cross fit mama wod will be on Monday ;)

  4. Thanks, Jen! I'll make sure to check it out!

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