Thursday, March 21, 2013

I came across this picture one day while browsing for exercise pics/quotes.  It didn't have a name, so I named it "Bad-ass one-legged squat"!  That pretty much sums it up.  Needless to say, this is NOT what I will look like doing my one-legged squats today!!  lol   I have to have one finger/hand touching something just for balance, and I cannot go down that far on one leg.  Let me rephrase that...I CAN go down that far on one leg, I just CAN'T get back up!!  ;)  Apparently you are expected to get back up, but if you weren't, I could rock those one-legged squats!!

I am surprised I'm not more sore today considering how achy my thighs were last night.  I ended up taking an aspirin (just one) around 8:30 last night, but it seemed to do the trick and everything feels back to normal this morning.  Progress?  Lord, I hope so!!

Okay, this is a little personal, but funny and I think I'll share it just for laughs.  It's tax season, right?  So, we had our company taxes done earlier this month.  Not sure if you know this or not, but business/corporate tax returns have to be filed by March 15th.  Anyway, our company made a profit - which is a good thing, but also (usually) means that when we claim that profit on our personal tax returns we owe money - which is a bad thing.  Anyway, I took our personal stuff to the accountant yesterday afternoon.  A little after 6:00 last night, we get a phone call from said accountant.  My first thought was "Oh, they must have a question."  My second thought was "This can't be good if your accountant is calling after 6:00."  Anyway, she was asking me if we made donations, (I said we did, but did not keep receipts - I don't think it's true charity if you profit from it in any way) then she asked if we made estimated tax payments last year (I said we didn't because we withhold extra monies from our wages to go towards monies owed).  She kinda hesitated (not a good sign) and said she was showing us owing money (surprise, surprise).  I asked her how much and she said $23,000.  I'm trying to stay calm so Honey-Buns (who is sitting beside me on the sofa) doesn't freak out (he's a major worrier) and I'm asking questions, all the while trying to figure out how the hell we're going to come up with $23000 by April 15th.  Anyway, we're talking back and forth and finally I ask her to give me the amount again.  And she said twenty-three hundred.  I was like, twenty-three....  And she said, two - three - eight - seven.  I said, but that's twenty-three hundred and she was like "Yes."  I started laughing and she was like "What's going on?"  I told her I thought she said we owed twenty-three thousand (I swear that's what she said the first time) and she started laughing and my husband sort-of calmed down from the freak-out I knew was coming.  Anyway, I told her maybe that's how she should start breaking the news people owed money - but telling them they owed tens-of-thousands of dollars, then changing it to hundreds because twenty-three hundred sounded SO much better than twenty-three thousand!  I laughed and laughed.  Honey-Buns finally calmed down enough to laugh about it as well.  He knew we would owe money, we just didn't know how much - so it was a major panic attack into a major laugh-fest/calming down attack.  :)   Okay...back to topic.

Today's CrossFit:
   As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes -
      5 Push-ups
      10 One-legged squats, alternating legs each round
      15 CrossFit sit-ups

March Madness:
   40 Squats
   15 Burpees

Since I'm doing squats in CrossFit, I will not do them for March Madness unless I do not reach 40 reps during CrossFit.  I believe I'm going to do the bar-facing burpees from now on - it makes me jump at the end (something I don't normally do), so that's a good thing.  Surely I can knock out 15, right?  Let's hope!
Wow, wow, wow!  That was intense!  I set a goal of 10 rounds after looking at my time after the first round, well...I beat it!  Whoop-whoop!!  Still not as awesome as the other Mamas (some had 19 rounds!), but I'll take it!  I don't know how I could have improved on that today - I just went that hard.

I did 11 complete rounds, plus another round of push-ups plus 1 1-legged squat.  I reset my timer and completed the 12th round, going 1:12 over 20 minutes.  Wow, wow, wow.

Push-ups were easy - these gave me NO problems whatsoever!  Don't you just love getting stronger?

1-Legged squats are another story.  So, I watched the video Jen shared the link to (thanks, Jen!).  Anyway, I thought I'd do the chair method using my weight bench.  HOW hard is it to stand up on one leg with your arms extended?  SUPER HARD, that's how!!  I couldn't do it without rocking into it.  I planned on alternating legs (doing 5 each leg, per round), so I completed two like that on the bench.  And by completed, I mean just barely!  It's very hard for me to hold one leg out and stand up.  I ended up using my vanity stool and sitting it beside my treadmill so I could hold onto the treadmill handle for balance.  I kept one leg out while standing and while going back down to a sitting position.  Again, alternating each leg (5 each, per round).  My thighs are SCREAMING right now, so I know I was using those muscles!  I made sure to keep my "standing" foot in the straight position like the video said.  Man!   Those were hard!!!

I am extremely proud to say I did not have to stop and stretch/rest during my situps!  However, I noticed myself slowing down during the 6th round and every round thereafter once I hit 10 situps.  Apparently 10 is my magic number!  Don't worry...I struggled through them and am SO proud of myself and my score.

It's a great feeling when you can do something you never could before, isn't it?  :)


  1. I saw a modification for pistol squats on a video one day, he showed a bunch of different ones, but my favorite was to use a chair, or whatever, something to sit on anyway. You sit down, stick out one leg. Put your arms in front of you, then stand up and sit back down... switch legs and repeat. I liked this because I felt like it was the best way for me to practice and keep good form :) Just keep going lower with the seat until you don't need it any more.
    Anyway, thought that might be helpful!
    That's a great story! Sounds like something that would happen to me... talk about a sigh of relief huh?!?
    Sun is shining here, hope it melts that snow... have a good one! :)

  2. Great - thanks, Jen! I'm going to try the ones that start in the sitting position. I'll use my bench. I love workout days that I can go barefoot and this is one of them! :)

    I hope you get LOTS of sunshine today!!

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