Friday, March 1, 2013

You'll only regret the workouts you don't do.  This is SO, SO true for me this week!  Even though I've felt like crap, I still felt bad I didn't do my workout!  There was no way I could have done them.  I am EXTREMELY glad my "bug" is squashed!!  :)

I'm going to start my workouts from where I left off instead of doing today's prescribed one - even though today's isn't too bad and even sounds fun!  I just want to do them in order.  SO...I'll be doing Tuesday's scheduled workout.

Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes:
   10 Kettlebell swings w/15-20 lbs
   10 Box jumps, 18'
   10 Bench dips
   10 CrossFit situps

I'm not going to make up the Fab Ab workouts because it's March and there are new exercises for March.  I will be starting that - just not how excited I am about it.  There were two different ones for March - one was ALL burpees starting with 25/day and ending with 100.  Yeah...I didn't pick that one.  What?  I'm NOT a glutton for punishment!!  lol  The other one has burpees (just not 100!), but it also has squats - so that's the one I'm going to do.  I'll post both in a separate post title March Madness (makes sense doesn't it?).   I'm also going to add the same number of situps each day.  I'm really pleased to see my situps improve and I can see a huge difference in my stomach, so I'm keeping that up.

Today's Madness:
   5 Squats
   5 Burpees
   *5 Situps
WOW!  I'm sweating up a storm!!  I went over 24 seconds so I could finish my situps and made it 7 rounds!  I don't remember what everyone else did, but I'm pretty impressed with that!  :)

The best news!!!  I did burpees WITHOUT the aerobic step!! SO HAPPY!!!  I did great going down, but coming back up was hard, but I guess that's what everybody else has to put up with, too!  I did not do the little "hop" at the end though.  Are you supposed to do that or is it extra?  Anyway, I'll add it eventually.  I'm still proud that I didn't faceplant!!!!  Holla!!  :)  I also did not add/do 5 extra situps for the madness workout - just flat out did not want to.  No excuses - just didn't.

I feel so much better today, especially now that I got a workout in.  Why does sweat make you feel good?

I plan on doing Wednesday's Hero workout tomorrow.  Y'all wish me luck with that.  :)


  1. So glad your feeling better! it really stinks being sick! Good luck with the hero wod tomorrow..its a tough one, but I know you'll get it done! feels great to finish the really hard ones!

  2. Thanks! I'm actually looking forward to it!!