Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amazing things rarely happen in your comfort zone.  True!  Here's to something amazing happening today because I am definitely NOT in my comfort zone with today's workout!  lol   Can you guess?  Burpees or running?  Hmmm....looks like running.  And not a little running, but a LOT of running!  I guess it could be worse - Jenni could have made us run a 10k like we had to do in January, so I'm not going to complain.  Much!  :)

Today's CrossFit:
   Run 2 miles (!)
   Rest 2 minutes
   20 squat cleans w/20-30 lbs
   20 box jumps, 18" box
   20 walking lunges
   20 box jumps, 18" box
   20 squat cleans w/20-30 lbs
   Rest 2 minutes
   Run 2 miles (!)

Today's March Madness:
   25 squats
   10 burpees
   *extra for me* 25 sit-ups

Right now, I don't think I'll do the March Madness, but who knows?  I might change my mind by the time I get upstairs - or I might do it this morning.  I don't know.  I hate to say I'm NOT going to do something, so I take it all back.  ;)  Hey!  It's my prerogative to change my mind!

I will say that I have discovered it's the burpees that are making me so sore in my ribcage area.  I'm not as sore as I was last week, but I can definitely feel that part of my body!  And, can someone tell me if I'll EVER have a day of no sore thighs?  It seems like they are ALWAYS sore!!  Not when I'm walking, but whenever I go to stand up from a sitting position I can feel them.  It's worse at night (of course, after sitting for a bit after working out) and in the mornings.  Oh, and going upstairs at ANY time throughout the day.  Always sore.  Oh well, I guess I'll just live with it.  It doesn't keep me from doing anything and usually goes away the more I move around - but dang!  It's just nervy.  

Well, y'all wish me luck today!  I'm going to try to keep Jenni's picture/quote in mind today - It's not how good you are, but how bad you want it.  Well, I'm not going to stop now - I've put in too much work and it's part of my routine now.  :)
Wow!  I am sweating like crazy right now!  24:51 total - BUT let me just start off by saying - I MAJORLY modified this today.  My meeting with my company's accountant went longer than I thought it would, so I did not have a lot time for this today.  I was going to cut the runs in half, but actually only did one running segment.

I did my run 8/walk 8, 6/6, 4/4, 2/2.   I was at .62/mile at that point.  I then ran 4/walked 4 until I reached the 1 mile mark.  My treadmill time was 14:19.

I then did the exercises, except I did hang squat cleans with 31 lbs. since I use dumbbells.  I tried doing just squat cleans, but that was very awkward - so that's why I switched it to the hang squat cleans.  Box jumps were with an 11" box - no troubles.  As much as I've said I need to invest in a taller box, I am so glad I didn't have one today!  Lunges were okay - I actually went deeper than I ever have before.  I can go at a diagonal in my "gym" and take 4 walking lunge steps across the room.  It's very boring just going back and forth, but that's how I do it.  My time for these exercises was 10:32 - not bad!

I just could not/did not/would not get back on the treadmill today.  I'm glad I ran out of time - that sounds bad, doesn't it?  Hopefully I will make up the missed mile sometime this week.  I have noticed an improvement in my running though and I actually bumped up to 5.3 speed (from 5.2), so that's a good thing!  I kinda felt like I was running slow, but didn't want to get too crazy and kick it up too far!!

No March Madness today - no time.

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