Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A good workout is when you make your dry fit shirt look like false advertising.  Truth!!  Mine are always like that on run days!'s a run day, but it's not a LONG run day and that makes me smile. Although, if it was a long run day I would just suck it up and go.  I really need to quit being a wimp on run days.  I know it's a mental game.  I do.  I know this.  But, my brain!!!!  I'll get it together - y'all just watch me!  :)

I don't know about you, but my arms/shoulders were KILLING me last night!  I even made the comment to Honey-Buns "At least it's not my legs that are sore!"  But, jeez-Louise!  I was making sweet tea (yes, I'm from Georgia - we LOVE our sweet tea!) and thought I was going to drop the pitcher when I went to put in the refrigerator.  I had to use two hands!!  Trying with one hand was SOOOO shaky!!  Things were much better after my long, hot bubble-bath last night.  But again...I spoke too soon because then my thighs were sore!  I was okay as long as I stretched my legs out.  Both shoulders and thighs are better this morning and that IS a good thing!

Today's CrossFit is for time:
   20 Kettlebell swings w/20 lbs
   30 Knees to Elbows
   Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)

March Madness:
   50 Squats
   30 Burpees
   *extra for me* 50 situps

It looks like another fun workout - I LOVE kettlebell swings!  Normally I use 24 lbs for the swings, but if my shoulders and arms can handle it, I'm going to try to go higher than that.  Excited to see if there is any progress in my running.  I'm going to continue to cover the display panel while running and just go.  Hopefully, I'll keep going farther each time!  :)
9:14 - Wow - NOT great!  I haven't looked since around noon, but I do believe that is the worst time of the day!  I used an adjustable dumbbell set at 25 lbs for the kettlebell swings.  I looked at my timer after finishing the swings and it was at 45 seconds - starts off good, right?  Then, I did 30 knees to elbows, which were really knees to just below my boobs.  After finishing those, my timer was at 4:59.  I ran 400 meters on my treadmill at 5.3 speed - ran ALL of it, with two short (or so I thought) breaks for breathing to finish up at 9:14.  My actual treadmill running time was 2:50, which means my breaks were totalled 2:25 - NOT impressed with that!  Looks like I need to push myself harder!!

I did do the March Madness workout today, however, I counted 20 squats from the kettlebell swings so I only had to do 30 more squats.  I also timed my burpees and sit-ups today.  It took me 6:33 to do 30 burpees - I just wasn't feeling it today.  It seemed like it was harder doing burpees today than it was yesterday.  I did 50 CrossFit sit-ups in 3:15.  I don't think that was too bad, but could definitely use improvement there as well.  Hopefully timing them will give me incentive to go faster and harder.  We can only hope!  :)

Great workout, just wish I gave it a little more MMPPHH!!  :)

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