Thursday, March 28, 2013

I don't have a personal trainer.  All I have is that voice telling me if I stop now I might never start again.  Go workout!

This is true!  It's so easy to say (or think) I'm not feeling it today and not work out, but I've discovered 9 times out of 10 if I go ahead and work out I really do feel better.  That being said, I ached ALL night long!  I'm thinking it's the burpees that are making me so sore because it started in the rib cage area on my sides.  Then again, that could be from the bar work or the reverse pull-ups from the other day. that I think about it - never mind!  That soreness is probably from the reverse pull-ups on Tuesday followed by knees-to-elbows yesterday.  I forget how much reverse pull-ups work those muscles I obviously don't use too much.  Sure...reverse pull-ups seem like the easiest exercise out there and I always feel like I didn't really do anything until the next day (or, in this case, two days later)!  Wow - they really work.  Who knew?  lol   I DO know my hip-flexors are sore from the burpees.  They started aching from Tuesday's 25 burpees, but last night?  After doing yesterday's 30 burpees?  OMG - they ached and ached and ached.  I had to sleep with my legs stretched straight out.  I'm a side sleeper - usually with one leg bent and one foot hanging off of the side of the bed.  Needless to say, I had to swich positions a LOT last night.  I've got to get some more aspirin at the store this morning and I am taking some of those babies as soon as I can!

Today's CrossFit is to complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
   4 Shoulder presses w/20 lbs
   8 Sumo Dead-lift High-pulls w/20 lbs
   12 Front Squats w/40 lbs

March Madness is a "rest" day and I am SO happy about that!  I didn't think I could do any burpees today with my hips feeling like they do, but would have probably sucked it up anyway.  I will do at least 50 sit-ups today - gotta get those abs stronger!  I will also do either a pre-programmed workout on  my treadmill or bike today as well.  :)
wow - woW - wOW - WOW!  That was MUCH tougher than it looked!  My legs are J-E-L-L-O!!!!!!  I did not do a treadmill or bike workout afterwards - I could barely stand!  I guess that's what I get for thinking this one would be easy-breezy!

I did 8 complete rounds.  I have adjustable dumbbells, so some of my time was used up changing the weights around.  I had just finished the 8th round with 10 seconds left and struggled to get one of my dumbbells back into the holder the correct way so I could adjust it and the timer ran out right before I got it done.  :(  Oh well, I'm happy with 8 - that was tough!  I used 24 lbs for the shoulder presses and high-pulls, then switched over to 44 lbs for the front squats.  BOY - those were hard from the beginning!  I was going to reduce my weight, but decided not to be a wimp and push on.  I don't know about you guys, but it's easier for me to close my eyes and just go with it than it is for me to focus on a spot.  I don't know why - it's like I'm shutting out the world or something.  I do this with sit-ups and burpees as well.  If only I could do that on the treadmill - I just about bet that would work!  lol

I did 50 sit-ups today - they're not part of the March Madness or anything, just something I've added on for me to do each day.  Anyway, yesterday it took me 3:15 to complete 50 sit-ups (of course, that was AFTER all of those knees-to-elbows!)  Guess what?  Today, I completed 50 sit-ups in 2:39!!!  YAY!  I love progress!

Another great workout, but man...I'm ready for the weekend!  :)

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