Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I clean, I jerk, and I have a nice snatch!  This is funny to me!  Wrong, but funny!!  I admit...I would NEVER wear this shirt, but it's still kinda cute!

Well, I'm not sore from yesterday - that's a good thing!  There's no running today - that's a better thing!  I am going to run today, though.  It's not going to get better by itself, is it?  I don't know how far I will run, but I'm throwing in some kind of running.  I will also cover up the display - that actually seemed to work.  I'm not just staring at the blinking blocks waiting for more to light up, nor am I staring at the time thinking "almost done".  I will be a happy, happy, happy little girl when I can run 1/4 mile without stopping!  Then I'll have to change my goal to something farther.  Don't get me wrong - I'm happy that I've done the running segments without walking, I'm just not happy that I have to stop so much.  Why can't I breathe while I run????   Weirdness - that's why.  I'll get there - slowly, but surely - I'll get there.  

Today's CrossFit is from the Challenge, but with a modification for us Mamas:
   As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
      150 Wall ball shots w/10# ball
      90 Jump rope
      30 Pull-ups (assisted are okay)

Your score is the total number of reps.  Looks fun - hard, but fun!  Just the way I like it!!  lol

March Madness:
   55 Squats
   25 Burpees
   *extra for me* 55 Sit-ups
255 - total score - WOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!  SO surprised by this!  lol  Wall ball shots KILLED my arms and thighs!!  I didn't think I'd be able to "turn" the jump rope and am even more surprised I finished the jump rope segment!  I kicked off my shoes and just had on footies for jumping rope.  That helps tremendously and am happy with my improvement jumping - I actually jumped 20 times without tripping!  That's a new high for me!!  I had 48 seconds left after jumping rope, so I went ahead and started on pull-ups, but I chose to do reverse pull-ups using my treadmill.  I was able to get 15 pull-ups in before the timer went off.  VERY happy with today's workout!!

150 Wall ball shots w/4 lb ball - I canNOT imagine doing this many with a heavier ball.  These got VERY hard around 80.  lol

90 Jump rope

15 reverse pull-ups

I did 55 sit-ups and was hoping (really hard) my son would have been here so I could convince myself to leave the room so he could use the treadmill and I would not have to do burpees, but...that didn't happen.  I started on burpees - here's a tip - you cannot do burpees wearing footies, at least not on carpet.  I went down and it felt like I was doing the Fred Flintstone movement with my feet trying to get a grip to get back up!  I had to stop and take off my footies so I could continue.  I even did the burpees the correct way - with the little hop on the end - and I have to say my burpees have even improved!  Doing 25 burpees today seemed WAY easier than when I struggled through 17 the last time I did them.  I love progress!!!  :)  I chose not to do 55 squats from the Madness workout because I felt like I squatted 150 times with wall ball shots!  THAT was plenty for me!  :)


  1. It's a hard one. I did it on Sunday with a 14 lb ball aimed at a 9 ft target and only managed to get 100 in 10 mins. In my defense, my ball is homemade, from a soccer. It was all I could do to squeeze enough sand in to make it 14 lbs and it was like throwing and catching a rock!! It was awful. I wish I had the proper medicine ball that the other people used... Oh well, it was really pretty funny!
    I doubt I'd have done a lot better but I think I could have at least finished the 150 wall balls... :)
    Next year!
    Have a great day!
    On a side note... Gina and I and two other friends are going to Boston tomorrow to see PINK in concert on Thursday night! A 4 day road trip... we are soooo frickin excited!! It's kind of a once in a lifetime thing for us! We'll have a drink for you while we are there ;)

  2. Please do! I'm SOOOO jealous -I LOVE Pink!!!! Y'all have a good time!!

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