Tuesday, March 19, 2013

According to this BMI chart, I am too short.  lollololol  - This makes me laugh!  I am happy to report my headache finally went away around 9:00 or so last night and I hope it does not come back today.  I am glad I went ahead and worked out yesterday - I felt really good while working out (I always do).  I just didn't enjoy working out with a headache, but that's life.  You do what you gotta do.  

Today's workout is NO running!  YAY!  I'm hoping my grass dries up enough so I can cut it (major thunderstorms came through last night), but if not then I'll either do a bike workout or a treadmill workout.  I'll decide when I go up to my gym.

CrossFit for today:
   21-15-9 reps of
      Bench dips
      CrossFit sit-ups

March Madness is a rest day.  I plan on doing yesterday's Madness since I skipped it.
   35 Squats
   12 Burpees

Just wanted to share with you how bad I am NOT a morning person.  I always read the news on the web while drinking my one cup of coffee and then I go to the CrossFit Mamas blog to see the workout.  I write the workout in my "journal" and then type on my blog.  Well, yesterday morning - I apparently wrote "Tues 3/18" at the top of the page and did not even realize it until this morning when I went to write down "Tues" for today's workout!  What makes this really bad is the fact that  I always start a new section at the beginning of the week, so obviously I knew it was the beginning of the week - I just don't know why I wrote "Tues" instead of "Mon".  Craziness!!
6:06 - NOT great.  AT ALL!!  I was going for 5 minutes, but wow.  Just. Wow.  I cut my grass today - using a push mower - up hills and down - WITHOUT using my self-propel mechanism because apparently that is broken!  Anyway, I SO did not want to workout after cutting my grass, but again - I figured it's a short workout, just do it!  Well...my arms are now mush!  I think it's from pushing my mower uphill, but then I had to add on pushups and bench dips?  OMG!!  My bench dips were pathetic today!  PAthetic!!  The max I did in a row without stretching them out was 6.  SIX!  Sad, sad arms.  My pushups weren't much better - my right shoulder (rotator cuff area) is a little sore, but I pushed (pun intended!) through the soreness and did my push-ups!  lol - but boy, they were hard!!

Oh well, another day -  another great workout in!

OH!  Obviously, I did not do the March Madness workout.  I'm okay with that.  I think if I were to try to squat I'd fall on my butt and if I were to try to burpee I'd fall flat on my face!  :)

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