Monday, March 18, 2013 jumps!  LOVE this!  Have you ever really looked at some caution signs?  The pictures on some of them are hilarious and look like a kindergartner drew them.  I know they're supposed to be "super serious", but really...some of them ARE funny!

I don't know about you guys, but I had an amazingly relaxing weekend.  I did nothing but enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having in Georgia!  We actually had to turn on our A/C on Saturday - it actually got up to 79 here in Winder, which is GREAT weather.  We only turned on the A/C because it got so stuffy and hot inside the house.  Honey-Buns has allergies, so I can't open the windows like I love to do.  Of course, thunderstorms and cooler weather is moving in today, but it was great while it lasted.  I'm going to have to start cutting our grass this week.  That's a good thing - I use a push mower and we have hills!

I am EXTREMELY surprised there isn't any running in today's workout.  I don't know why, I just keep expecting it now - especially since we didn't run much last week.  NOT complaining, just surprised!

Today's CrossFit is from the CrossFit Games 13.2:
  As many rounds/reps as possible of...
      5 Shoulder to overhead (shoulder press) w/20 lbs
      10 Deadlifts w/60 lbs
      15 Box jumps, 18" box

March Madness:
   35 Squats
   12 Burpees
   *extra for me* 35 Sit-ups

If I remember correctly, we "score" CrossFit by total reps.  Looking forward to this workout!  :)
WOW!  That was harder than it sounded!  I wasn't going to work out today - I have a MAJOR headache going on right now, but decided to go ahead and do it anyway because it was ONLY a 10-minute workout.  Let me just say, headaches and box jumps do NOT go together.  Every jump a big boom went off in my head, but surprisingly during round 3 that went away, but has come back while I type this.  Anyway, my score is as follows:

Shoulder presses w/24# - 30 (6 full rounds)
Deadlift w/50# - 60 (6 full rounds)
11" box jumps - 83 (5 full rounds, plus 8 more)

Total Score:  173

I follow "CrossFit World" on Facebook and they posted a picture of a woman participating in the CrossFit Open Challenge 13.2 and her score was 420.  They said the next closes score was 383.  The reason I mention this is because today's CrossFit workout is based on the challenge - only with less weights.  I looked it up, the real challenge calls for 75 lb weights on both the shoulder press and deadlift, and it also calls for 20" box jumps.  Crazy!  Something to work my way up to, huh?  :)

I did not do the March Madness today.  I'm hoping my headache goes away fairly quickly - I took an aspirin at lunchtime, but it looks like I need to take at least one more.  I might do this workout again over the weekend just to see if my score improves if I do this without a headache!  lol


  1. I've been following the Crossfit Open. I am actually registered, you can find me in Canada East, under Jennifer Morse, I have a video posted oh myself doing the WOD (That's how you do it if you don't have a gym that can judge it)
    I totally suck compared to the athletes that are at the top in the open! I love watching them, makes me want to work so much harder!!
    75# is no joke to me, but they make it look easy! :)
    You did a great job with this one!
    Have an awesome week!!

  2. Thanks! I'm impressed with you and your weights - I struggle with 50# and am thankful that is the highest my dumbbells will go! lol

    I'll check out your video. I watched a CrossFit Challenge competition on t.v. one night when I woke up in the middle of the night. I look nothing like they do! It really is impressive to watch! :)

  3. I'm anxious to see what the next crossfit open wod will be, I'm just waiting for it to have something that I absolutely can't do, like muscle ups or ring dips or something :/
    Oh well, I'll do my best!
    Oh and check out Rich Froning on youtube, he's the reigning champ of the crossfit games and he is fiiiiine!! :) lol

  4. Nice! Thanks for the inspiration. I guess I should change my picture/quote that I use on my blog from "Run like Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finish line" to Rich Froning!!

    Keep up the great work - at least you're doing the Challenge. I was doing all I could deadlifting 50 lbs - I just can't imagine 75!!