Monday, March 25, 2013

I thought they said "rum"!!!!  Ha- I wonder if that WOULD help with my running?  Maybe that's my problem - I'm not drunk whenever I run!  lol  Just kidding - I very seldom drink anymore, although it's time to start again.  I only drink on Saturday nights, at the race track - and racing season is about to start back up.   I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but Honey-Buns races a 4-cylinder car at our local dirt track here.  Not in it for money (Lord knows he spends WAY more than he wins!), but just for a stress reliever.  I will tell you - it's VERY redneck, but I love it!  It's Georgia culture at it's finest!!   lol   I tell everyone I only go to see the crashes (I never saw a major one here) and the fights!  OH - and to watch Honey-Buns!!!  lololololol   :)

I am recovered from Friday's workout that I did on Saturday, and had a funny feeling that we would be running today and I'm happy (?) to report my funny feeling was correct.  I have two different workouts to choose from, but both are running workouts.  I went for the one that is shorter in length (but only 1/4 mile shorter).  HA!  ONLY 1/4 mile?  To me, that's like 10 miles!  lol 

Today's CrossFit workout that I'm doing is "Jamie":
   5 rounds of -
      Run 400 meters (1/4 mile)
      15 Overhead squats w/20 lbs

CrossFit "Mary":
   Run 800 meters (1/2 mile)
   50 Squats
   Run 800 meters (1/2 mile)
   50 Sit-ups
   Run 800 meters (1/2 mile)

March Madness:
   50 Squats
   25 Burpees

I seriously doubt I will do the March Madness, but stranger things have been known to happen!  My son has been coming over to "borrow" my treadmill and said he covers up the screen that tells you how far you're going, etc. when he runs and he does better like that instead of looking at it all of the time.  So...I think I'm going to cover it up as well, plus move my Nook Tablet to where I can't see it.  I have a timer app on my Nook that I use, and it fits perfectly in the little slot on the treadmill.  I've tried reading while working out and actually enjoy it (it doesn't make me dizzy or give me a headache like a lot of people) but I sweat too much and my reading glasses (yes, I have those!) keep sliding down my nose and I hate it!!  So, I don't read while working out anymore.  Let's see how this does, it might just surprise me and I could use all of the help I can get!  lol  Wish me luck, y'all!!
Well - it didn't seem a lot better today, but a little bit helps, right?  My total time was 32:07.  I did 3 rounds on the treadmill - all running, NO walking! - and the last 2 rounds on the bike.  I was averaging 8 minutes per round on the treadmill, so I don't think that was too bad.  My total treadmill time was 8:28.  While on the bike, I doubled the distance to 1/2 mile per round and rode with an 8 resistance.  THAT will get your heart rate up!  lol

I took my son's suggestion and covered up the screen on my treadmill and during my first round I ran 10 blocks - going into 11!!  I thought, wow!  I can do this!  After taking a short break, I continued to run for my first round with the screen covered again and actually ran 2 blocks into the next segment (which was 8 more blocks).  After that, it went downhill.  I was only running 6 or 7 blocks at a time after that.  But, I ran 3 rounds (3/4 mile) and I'm happy with that.

All squats were with 24 lbs and gave me NO trouble whatsoever.  I'm going to conquer this running thing - just y'all watch me!  It's gotta get better - scratch's GOING to get better!  :)

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  1. Haha! Oh, let me tell you I'm from redneck country and going to the track to watch a race and have a drink or 6 sounds like a blast to me!! :)
    Good luck to you today!!