Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keep calm and CrossFit on.  Yup...that's what I'm doing!  Soreness report:  not too bad!  My butt is a little sore, but I know it will go away once I start moving around.  Man!  Was I tired last night?  I went to bed at 9:45 and did not wake up until my alarm went off at 6:00!!  Usually if I go to bed before 10:30, I wake up around 3:00 or 4:00 and cannot go back to sleep, so I was very happy (but surprised) to see that I slept all night!

Last night I told Honey-Bun that I hoped like hell there would be no squats/lunges/running in today's workout.  Then I amended it to include no weights, then changed it to hoping Jenni would give us a surprise "rest" day!  THAT'S how sore I was last night!  lol - Needless to say, I did not get my wish!

Today's workout:
   10 pullups (modify as necessary)
   100 push press w/20 lbs
   Run 1000 meters (.621/mile)

March Madness:
   10 squats
   10 burpees
   *extra for me* 10 situps

I already know that I will do reverse pullups.  I'm not really dreading doing them, I just dreading the soreness I know I'll have tomorrow from doing them!  BUT, it's only 10 so I'll suck it up.  I'm planning on getting as close to the 20 lbs. as I can for push presses and will NOT do 31 lbs. like I did the other day!  I'm still sore around my sides/rib cage area from Monday's workout.  I don't know if it was from the deadlift high pulls or the pushup or the push presses, but SOMETHING has got me sore!!

Yes, I know - for someone who is not excited about doing squats right now, I sure am punishing myself doing the March Madness, right?  I think I can eek out 10 squats today, it's actually the burpees I'm not looking forward to!  But, I have seen an improvement on those (I don't need the step anymore!), so I'll suck it up...again!  A lot of sucking up for me today, huh?  If only THAT were an exercise!  lol
14:14!!!!  SO happy with my time!  I busted by ass today!!  Well...I've busted it ALL week!

10 reverse pullups using my treadmill - super easy, but I know from past experience I will be super sore tomorrow morning!

24# push press - I knocked out 20 before having to lower my arms, then I could only do 10 at a time until I hit 50.  Instead of struggling through the next 50 (and wasting time), I went ahead and got on the treadmill.

Ran 1 minute/walked 1 minute - all runs @ 5.2 speed and all walks @ 3.5 speed.  It actually worked out that I did 6 blocks running and 3 blocks walking.  I did this twice, then stopped and went back to push presses.

24# push press - I knocked out 30 this time before having to lower my arms, then I could only do 10 at a time, but struggled between 85 and 90, and the last 5 were the shakiest EVER!!

I got back on the treadmill and continued to do the run 1 minute/walk 1 minute until I finished.  I stopped at .612, looked at my journal and saw it should have been .621, so I jumped back on the treadmill and that time went so quick that I actually ended at .635!  Oh well, I can definitely use the run time!

VERY happy with my treadmill time of 8:41!  I normally run 8/walk 8, run 6/walk 6, run 4/walk 4, run 2/walk 2 which brings me to .626/mile with a time of 9:09, so...VERY happy cutting off 28 seconds of my treadmill time!  Don't you just love progress and improvement?  :)  Also, running/walking for 1 minute each means I ran more than I walked and I likee that!  I ran 29 out of the 41 total treadmill blocks - very happy girl today!  :)

Totally forgot to mention that I did the March Madness workout as well.  Still doing burpees without the step!  Still struggling when I come back up!  lol

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