Monday, October 21, 2013 you had a bad day. you had a bad day.  Don't beat yourself up over it, but don't let one bad decision send you spiraling out of control.  Grab those running shoes and get back into it.  Get back to making decisions that improve your health and your happiness.  You are who you choose to be.

This pretty much sums it up for me lately.  I AM going to adjust my schedule and get my workout time back!  I have to - I find myself getting so ill/short temper when I don't have my "me" time.  I told Honey-Buns something was going to have to give - he was either going to have to give up his nap time or change his "leave" time.  His "leave" time is when he leaves the house to go to our truck yard to check on things in the afternoons.  The problem with this now is it usually happens when I work out, but since we have been keeping Addy, I really need him to stay and watch her so I can continue to work out!  I am determined to get my time back!!!!

Sorry I went AWOL last week - it was Fall Break and between Hayley getting over the cold she had and us keeping Addy, there just wasn't time for anything else.  Plus, my son has had to move back home.  Not sure if I mentioned that or not.  His roommate works for his parents' company, but they went under so the roommate is out of a job.  My son can't afford to pay the rent and all of the bills on his own, so he's back temporarily.  I have to say, he seems relieved.  Apparently he's been struggling with money and bills (he's the type to NOT ask for anything!), so the move back home has taken a lot off of his chest.  Now...if only I can remember he's here and to feed him!  You think that's crazy, but when he came back from college I had become so used to him not being around that I would forget to include him in meals.  At that time we would pick up take-out, and I would forget about him.  He stays in the basement and comes and goes from the basement door, and he's so quiet.  He would come upstairs and be like "What's for supper tonight?" and I would be like "Ummmm...I forgot you were here!"  So, hopefully I'll be better this go 'round!  lol

Today's workout is from HIIT Mamas, but I'm also including the Brand-X scaling.  It is a hero workout, in honor of US Army First Lieutenant Jonathan P. Walsh who was from right here in Georgia.
   4 Rounds for time:
      22 burpee pull-ups
      22 front squats w/40 lbs
      Run 200 meters w/10 lbs
   Brand-X scaling:
      Pack - 3 Rounds for time w/95 lb front squats and 25 lb running weight
      Puppies - 2 Rounds for time w/pvc-15 lb front squats and no added running weight

I plan to do 4 rounds, unless something is happening with Addy that I have to take care of.   Fingers crossed, please!  I need to work out!!  I might need to change my workout to the morning, then I can walk through the neighborhood with Addy in the afternoons, now that it's cooler weather here.  Sounds like a plan!!

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