Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life always offers you a second chance...

Life always offers you a second chance...it's called tomorrow.  LOVE this!  Why?  Well, apparently I need these second chances...and third...and fourth...and so on...and so on...

I did not get in my workout time yesterday.  Honey-Buns left to check on things even AFTER I told him I wanted to work out!  It's okay - something was wrong with one of our trucks and he had to oversee the repairs and make sure it was done correctly.  I guess it was okay, since those are our money-makers.  I was going to workout after taking Addy home, but I had one of the worst headaches I've ever had in a long time, so that was that.  I'm doing yesterday's workout this morning while Addy is taking her morning nap - NO MATTER WHAT!  I have to...it's the only chance I'll get today.  I have to take Hayley to her doctor in Athens to get her Baclofen pump refilled.  We have to be there at 12:45, which means I'll have to leave at 12:00 to pick her up from school.  Whenever I do a lot of running errands like that, I tend to be SO sluggish once I get home.  Which is why I'm working out this morning!!

Just a reminder:
   4 (or 3 or 2) rounds for time
      22 burpee pull-ups
      22 front squats w/40 lbs
      run 200 meters w/10 lbs

I haven't completely decided how many rounds I'm going to do, but I have decided to wear my weighted vest throughout the entire thing.  My vest is 8 lbs.  I'm still going to get as close to 40 lbs as I can handle with my weights for the front squats.
I WORKED OUT TODAY!!!  WOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!  :)  And let me tell you...it KILLED me!

I did 3 rounds, instead of 4 - which is better than what I had planned on doing once I started those burpees.  I thought to myself, "I'm stopping after 2 rounds!"  I'm so glad I didn't stop then, but jeez-Louise!!  If y'all could see how red my face is right now, you'd probably be worried for me!  ha!!

I did not do burpee/pull-ups - I kill my elbows whenever I do jumping pull-ups.  I did bar-facing burpees instead and those made me feel like I was dying!  I kept thinking...really?  You really missed this?  Are you crazy?  And the answer to all of those questions is YES, I did miss working out and YES, I am crazy!  lol

Front squats were done with 38 lbs and I wore my 8 lb vest when running on the treadmill.  I am very proud to say I ran the entire running segments - no walking, YAY!!!  I wore my vest for 2 burpees at the beginning and quickly realized the error of my ways and took it off, saving it for the running segments only.  Trust me...that was plenty!

Oh - totally forgot to tell you my time...duh.

Time:  31:17
Time after round 1:  8:40
Time after round 2:  18:54  - 10:14 to complete second round
Time after round 3:  31:17 - 12:23 to complete third/final round

I do know that I stopped/rested for a full minute between rounds 1 and 2, so it really took me 9:14 to complete the second round.  Also, I stopped/rested for 2 full minutes between rounds 2 and 3, which means I finished round 3 in 10:23.  THAT was hard, but I'm so glad I finished!! 

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