Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I got this!

I got this!  lol - I love, love, love this picture!  Super cute!!

Today will be short and sweet - I'm running a little behind this morning.  Honey-Buns is already on his way to pick up Addy and I'm about to wake up Hayley and get her up and in her chair - then it's time to medicate her.  Yep...she's still sick, but sounds a little better than yesterday.  She's coughing, but nowhere near as often so maybe all the medicine, soup, and juice that she's getting is working!!  She usually gets sick once school starts back, so I can't complain since school started in August and we made it through to October before getting anything...yay!?!

I completely forgot to mention after working out yesterday, but I did do all of my push-ups and sit-ups without having to stop to take breaks.  That's good news, but the bad news is that all of that extra time I took was just catching my breath and trying to slow my heart rate down!  Oh well...PLENTY of room for improvement, right?  :)

Today's workout is from HIIT Mamas:
   5 rounds for time
      12 deadlifts w/40-60 lbs
      9 hang power clean w/20 lbs
      6 push press w/20 lbs

I'm going to try to do all of these with the same amount of weights since my dumbbells are adjustable.  I think it would be crazy to waste time putting my dumbbells in the holder to adjust the weight, then starting back up again.  I believe I'm going to start with 50 lbs, which is the max weight on my dumbbells and go from there.  Y'all wish me luck!!

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