Monday, October 7, 2013

That ass ain't gonna run itself off...

That ass ain't gonna run itself off!  LOVE this!  I think this is perfect for a Monday, don't you?  - especially this Monday.  I'll give you two guesses what my workout consists of today?  Yep...running!!  It's okay - we all know I need to run more and I should be able to get today's workout in since Addy will only be here for just a little bit this morning.  I'm taking her to her other grandmother's today after her morning feeding.  It's her great-grandfather's birthday today and they are going to visit with him.  This little girl is so blessed to have so many people in her life!!

Well, I got all of the important/necessary things upstairs in my office last week and was able to do payroll and billing on Friday like normal.  I think I'm going to move my treadmill and bike - just turn them in a different direction.  I'm trying to make as much open floor space as possible for floor exercises - push-ups, sit-ups, burpees - you know...the "fun" stuff!  lol  That won't take any time at all to move around though.  I still have a few office things to move upstairs, but nothing that I have to have right away so I can bring a little bit of it up at a time.

Today's workout is from HIIT Mamas:
   6 rounds for time
      Run 400 meters
      25 Push-ups/Sit-ups*
      *alternate each round

The Brand X website has this for today's workout as well, but they are doing pull-ups instead of the other.  I'd rather do the other!  lol - The modified "puppy" version is 4 rounds  and 10-12 pull-ups.  The "pack" version is also 4 rounds, but 15-20 pull-ups.  I haven't decided if I'm going to do the modified 4 rounds or go for 6.  Regardless of which distance I decide to do, I am NOT changing the number of reps for the push-ups/sit-ups, but I am going to do double the "rounds" and split the distance in half (200 meters), so I can run the entire thing without having to walk.  It will look like this:
   12 (or 8 rounds) for time
      Run 200 meters
      13/12 push-ups/sit-ups

Y'all wish me luck!  Really....wish me luck - my treadmill and I haven't been buddy/buddy lately.  I'm hoping it's not going to take my being neglectful too harshly on me!  lol
*************************'s like I thought it would treadmill HATES me!  lol  That was brutal, but I did it!!  I did the modified version as follows:  
   8 rounds for time:
      #1 - run 200 meters
           - 13 push-ups
      #2 - run 200  meters
           - 13 sit-ups
      #3 - run 200 meters
           - 12 push-ups
      #4 - run 200 meters
           - 12 sit-ups
      #5 - run 200 meters
           - 13 push-ups
      #6 - run 200 meters
           - 13 sit-ups
      #7 - run 200 meters
           - 12 push-ups
      #8 - run 200 meters
           - 12 sit-ups
   Recumbent bike 1/2 mile
Total treadmill time:  14:23/1 mile
Total bike time:  2:01
Total workout time:  33:16

I am SO sweaty and out of breath!  I really hate workouts where you run, then get down in the floor for sit-ups.  I tend to just lay in the floor before actually starting the sit-ups and that just kills my time!  Oh is what it is.  Great workout!

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