Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You can't make footprints on the sands of time by sitting on your butt...and who wants to make buttprints?  lol - I came across this and thought it was too funny!!  :)

Guess what?  I am sore this morning.  Yep...sore.  It's not too bad, which is great - but it's there.  My outer thighs were achy last night, but no issues with my legs this morning.  My sore spot is around my rib cage.  Damn you, burpees!!  ;)  

I'm so glad I moved my workout time and actually got a workout in.  I mentioned taking Hayley to the doctor to get her pump refilled yesterday.  Well, that was a waste of time.  The Baclofen pump is located in her left abdomen area.  This constantly dispenses Baclofen (a muscle relaxer) to her spine, which allows her legs to bend.  She's be straight as a board without it and would not even be able to sit in her wheelchair (or any chair!)  It has a small area in the center of it about the size of my pinkie nail that you remove/add the medicine to.  The nurses use a template shaped like the pump.  They have to poke and prod to make sure they have the template lined up correctly, then there's a small circle in the middle where they are to put the needle, which is about 3-4 inches long.  Once they hit the "spot", they withdraw any unused medicine out and put new medicine in.  We do this every 6 months - we used to do this every 3 months, but the newer pump holds more.  Anyway, they stuck her repeatedly in different areas yesterday to try to find the correct "spot" to no avail.  We ended up coming home without a refill and have to go to Egleston Children's Hospital on Tuesday so her doctor can use an x-ray machine to see the exact positioning/location to hit.  Her doctor told me she's requested an ultrasound machine in her budget for the past two years and they now have more doctors in their group, so hopefully they'll get one.  She said it would help in locating the refill spot.  I hope they get one - Hayley will always have a medicine pump and I know she will benefit from it.  Our appointment yesterday was at 12:45.  We left the doctor's office at 3:30.  Hayley cried and everything while they were working.  She's on a round of antibiotics to avoid infection from all of the pokes and needles.  That's standard practice though, and she usually gets antibiotics so that's not a big deal.  It's just a nervy thing for her to have to go through.

I'm behind a day on workouts this week.  I did Monday's workout yesterday, so today I am doing yesterday's workout from HIIT Mamas.
   As many rounds as possible in 18 minutes
      15 box jumps
      12 push press w/20 lbs
      9 knees-to-elbows

Again - my workout time is in the morning.  Right now it's between 10:00 and 11:00 - Addy has been napping everyday at this time, so I'm sticking with it as long as I can! 

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