Friday, June 28, 2013

It's funny how exercise helps you live longer because whenever I exercise, it makes me feel like I'm dying.  lol - This is so true on most days!  I don't know if you know this, but...CrossFit is super hard, guys!  ;)  But SOOOOOO addictive!  I know...I haven't been feeding my addiction this week, but it's been a really out-of-whack week for me, mostly due to that nasty stomach bug, but yesterday I was just way off schedule.  Normally I go down to our office around 9:00-ish (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and work until 12:00.  Then, I come up and make lunch for everyone and once Hayley has finished eating her lunch I start on house work/laundry - you know - the "fun" stuff.  Then, if it's not too hot outside I lay out on the deck for an hour (30 minutes each side), then I come in and cool down and it's usually close to 3:00 by then, so I go get in my workout gear and do my workout.  Around 4:00, I watch Judge Judy or The People's Court (yes, I LOVE court shows - ha!) and decide what's for supper. I'll go to the store or to pick up supper and then it's "chill" time for the rest of the night.  I am very schedule oriented and hate when I'm off schedule, but at the same time I am a "go with the flow" kind of girl.  Isn't it weird how contradicting I am?  Oh well, as Paula Deen said on the Today Show the other morning..."I is what I is!"  Now, don't go thinking I support Paula Deen - I don't agree in any way whatsoever with what she said or with how she's handling it, but at the same time I do live in the south and we are covered with racists here.  I think she just needs to put on her big girl panties, admit she said it (come on - ONLY once?  Ever??), and get on with her life.  She's just making it worse every time she opens her mouth to apologize, but never apologizing!  Jeez!!  Okay, rant over.  All of that being said...y'all ready to work out?  lol

CaliFit Mamas:
   5 Rounds for time
      5 Deadlifts w/40-60 lbs
      25 CrossFit sit-ups

Brand X:
   Rest Day*
   "Bruck" for puppies
       3 Rounds for time
         Run 400 meters
         10 Back squats w/35-45 lbs
         10 Jerk w/15-25 lbs

CF White Head:
   "Luce" - 3 Rounds for time
      Run 1 kilometer (.6214/mile)
      10 Push-ups
      100 Squats

I'm doing the Brand X hero workout that was scheduled for Wednesday today.  I really need to do a running workout and would do CF White Head's workout, but I really don't feel like doing that many squats!  I know....layyy-zeee!!  Trust me...I'll get over it!  :)
16:29 - THIS kicked my ass today!  HA!  I say that like running doesn't kick my ass every time - I don't know why I'm still so surprised about it!  lol   I SO did not want to run today, but am glad I made myself do this workout, but man!  I really need to get back on the band wagon with my running.  I was seeing improvement, but it wasn't showing today.  I ran the entire first round, but walked 3 blocks on the second round, then I ran halfway on the last round, walked 2 blocks, and ran the rest of the way.  I was going to run another 400 meters after cooling down, but just could not do it.  I'll be more strict with my workouts next week - I have to.  I hate not being able to run 400 meters!

I used 50 lb (total) dumbbells with my back squats - very impressed with those!  And 38 lb (total) for the jerks.  I think my jerks ended up being more push presses than jerks - it's just an awkward movement for me.  I really need to get some mirrors put up in my exercise room so I can watch my form  and improve on it.  Not sure why, but my left elbow started hurting while doing the back squats.  What would make it hurt when I'm just basically holding dumbbells over my shoulders with my elbows out to the side?  Not a clue,  but it did.  Oh should get better.  Y'all have a good weekend!!

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