Thursday, June 20, 2013

I train because I want to defeat myself...defeat the me who couldn't do it yesterday, so I can be better today.  TRUE!!  And trust is a DAMN good feeling when you do something you couldn't do yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before get the idea!  Awesome feeling, for sure!!!

I'm still pretty pumped that I squatted 50 lbs yesterday and when I went to post my workout time at the Brand X site, I got pumped up even more!  Brand X's workout yesterday was weighted front squats and sit-ups, with puppies doing reps of 21-15-9-3.  As you know, I combined CaliFit and Brand X for my workout yesterday (increasing the reps on CaliFit just to keep it easy to keep up with) - well, several other "puppies" posted times of 8 minutes and over - my total time was 9:52 WITH the added thrusters and push-ups!  VERY proud of that!!!  And a couple of "puppies" used the same amount of weight I did (45-55 lbs was prescribed).  Sweet, huh?  Yep!

CaliFit Mamas:
   3 Rounds for Time
      Run 1000 meters
      20 CrossFit sit-ups
      30 Box jumps, 18"

Brand X:
      Hang Power Clean

White Head:
   3 Rounds for Time
      20 Push-press, 115/75 lbs
      100 feet Burpee broad jumps
      Run 200 meters

I am doing the White Head workout today, with a couple of modifications - nothing too different, just adjusting for my space.  First, I my weights only go up to 50 lbs, so obviously that's my first mod for the push presses (Honey-Buns calls these push-pusses, silly man!).  Then, since I can't really measure off 100 feet in my workout room, I'm just going to do 20 Burpee broad jumps each round.  Other than that, I'm good to go!

I did look up videos of burpee broad jumps, and came across one where a guy did these for a mile in honor of his 30th birthday.  I was glad to see him "assume the CrossFit recovery position" several times throughout his mile - it just makes me feel better to see I'm not the only one.  The cutest part of the video is the toddler who shows up occasionally in the video.  Check it out:  Really cute, really hard, really crazy!
30:46 - OH...MY...GOODNESS!!!  That was a HARD workout!!!

Push-presses - all done with 50 lbs - I've never used that much weight before for push presses, and they were definitely harder than I've done before (DUH!)

Burpee/broad jumps - THOSE were killer!  These alone made up the majority of my workout time - treadmill was 5:36, and push-presses couldn't have been more than 3-4 minutes total.  I'm glad I decided on a set number instead of distance because I probably would have cheated about how far I went!  lol - I wasn't sure I'd be able to do all rounds of burpee broad jumps, I even told Honey-Buns they might become just plain ol' burpees - depending on how hard they were.  Well, I made it through the first round and was thinking I'd switch over to just burpees for rounds 2 and 3.  But funny thing...when I started on round 2, I thought - just do it, you can always switch on the last round.  I split round 2 up into sets of 4 before stopping and either hocking a lung, or just breathing period.  Got through that round okay and was really going to switch over on round 3, but thought to myself "what the hell - you've come this far, just do 20 more".  So...on my final round, I started counting them backwards and that really helped.  I think I went faster on the last round than I did on the others!  I really need to remember to count down instead of up - it works for me.

200 meter run - Who knew my running segments would be the easier part of my workout?  My, my, far I've come!  lol

It seems the quote I picked out for today was a good was definitely spot-on for me today.  I defeated myself!  Team Berta!!  WOO-HOO!!  ;)

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  1. I always just post the rx'd weight so scale as needed...