Monday, June 3, 2013

You can exercise all you're never going to burn off crazy.  I needed a "funny" today, because not only is it Monday, but it's RUNday!  BOTH workouts that I follow are exactly the same!  I think this is the first time that's happened since I've been following both of them.  Great start to the week...really...great...start...   Just kidding - it really will be a great start - I'm just still sleepy and not fully awake and appreciative of this workout that has been handed to me.  ;)

I must, must, MUST say I don't think I'm fully recovered from Friday's workout.  My shoulders and upper body is still sore!  It wasn't too bad yesterday, but then I helped some friends of ours move and I think that brought back some of the tenderness.  I slept with my arms stretched out over my head most of the night - which, of course, meant I was a little stiff this morning when I got out bed.  But it sure did feel good to stretch my arms out like that!  I'm sure I'll work the soreness out once I get to moving around, but right now?  Owieeeee!!!

CaliFit Mamas:
   Run for 30 minutes - post your distance

Brand X:
   Run for 30 minutes - post your distance
   *puppies - run/walk for 20 minutes
   *buttercups - run/walk for 15 minutes

Well, I'm running!!  I won't wimp out and change the amount of time that I run, but my modification will be to walk occassionally.  I think I'm going to do "Week 2" of the beginner 5k training chart, which is to run for 2 minutes, then walk for 1 minute.  It says to do 7 reps of that, so I'll do that and then I'll either walk/run the remaining 9 minutes.  Y'all wish me luck - you know how I am with running!
WOW!!  I am so happy with my running!! least TODAY I am happy!  lol

So...I did the second week of 5k training, which is to run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute.  You do that 7 times.  I did it!!!  I am so proud of me!!  I was not as out of breath, either (until the 6th and 7th round of running) - although Honey-Buns said my face was the reddest he's ever seen it!  THAT's why I can't run outside!!  Can you imagine how red my face would get if I were running outside in this Georgia heat?  Oh man!  I'll be there one day.  :)

After doing 7 rounds of 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking, I was at 1.34/miles and 21 minutes.  I really wanted to stop, but decided to continue walking until I hit the 1.5/mile mark - which I did for a total of 24:10.

Great start to the week!!  :)

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