Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Your body hears everything your mind says.  STAY POSITIVE!  There is no truer statement!  If you guys could just hear what goes on in my head while I work out...I try to just go blank and focus on the music on my IPod and that helps tremendously - especially while running!  I am very proud of myself with my running yesterday.  I did NOT want to run on my first day back to exercising, but did it anyway.  I also did not want to keep getting back on my treadmill, but I did!  It was really hard for me and I pushed through - YAY!!  If you could have seen my face - I don't think it's been that red in a long time.  I was so sweaty and hot, but felt so good afterwards.

So, you all know I follow CaliFit Mamas and CrossFit Brand X's workouts on the internet.  I also look at another site, CrossFit White Head, and I keep forgetting to post their workouts, so starting tomorrow I'll be posting them too.  I pretty much pick and choose which one I want to do and I try to do the one that sounds the most fun or most challenging to me.  I'm not posting today's workout from them because I'm behind a day this week on my workouts and I believe they did "Kelly" yesterday, which is a running workout.  I really don't like to do running workouts on consecutive days.  I just feel like my body needs that little bit of break to recover.  Speaking of which, my butt was a little achy last night, but I was the sorest in my back and upper arms.  The soreness is gone in my legs and butt this morning, but is still there in my back.  Reverse pull-ups apparently did a number on me yesterday!  lol

CaliFit Mamas:
      Dumbbell thrusters, 20 lbs

Brand X:
      Front Squats, 45-55 lbs

My plan right now is to combine both workouts and do the following:
      Dumbbell thrusters, 20 lbs
      Front Squats, 45-55 lbs

I'll start off using 50 lbs on the front squats, but will reduce if I need to.  I think I've tried to do 50 lbs before and have only been able to do a few reps, so hopefully I can do it.  Y'all wish me luck!
9:52 - WHAT a workout!  That was intense!!  I did 21-15-9-3 of:

*Dumbbell thrusters w/24 lbs - no breaks at all for these - YAY!!
*Front squats w/50 lbs
    - On the 21 reps, I did:  6, 7, 8 - thought I'd have to drop the weight, but decided not to since I was    able to complete 21 reps, knowing the other rounds were with less reps.
    - On 5 reps, I did:  7, 8
    - No breaks on 9 reps - YAY!
    - No breaks on 3 reps - double YAY!
*Push-ups - I had to stretch it out every 6 or 7 push-ups, except on the 9 and 3 reps!
*Sit-ups - NO breaks - YAY!!!

I'm so glad I stuck with the 50 lbs on the front squats and extremely proud of my thrusters and sit-ups!  I've gotten so much better on those!  I think I would have done better with push-ups if I hadn't been sore still from yesterday's reverse pull-ups.  Damn you, reverse pull-ups!  lol

Time to chill and get ready for tomorrow's workout!  :)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning us! We are all really slack at posting our times to the blog, I have them all written in a book :) Our workouts are generally on the longish side, because a lot of the people that come are looking to lose weight and it's all they get in all day, so I like to keep them to 20 mins at least :)
    The weekend is almost here again, it's the last week of school, my oldest in done grade 11, so next year it's grad stuff... yeehaw! lol
    Summer is officially beginning, we have even had a little summer like weather, the sun sure does feel good after all that cold and rain! :)
    Have a great day!