Friday, November 8, 2013

If life was easy, where would adventures be?

If life was easy, where would adventures be?  Another truth!  Well...yesterday was a no-go for the 5k.  Addy wasn't feeling well at all.  She alternated from a stuffy nose to a runny nose all day, and wanted to be held all day - not only that, but Gramps just wouldn't do!  Every time he had her, she'd cry and cry - then I'd get her and she would calm down.  Poor thing.  Thank goodness it wasn't payroll or billing day yesterday!  lol

I do plan to do the 5k today, so don't fret.  I'm kind of glad I didn't do it yesterday.  I have been so sore from my other workouts.  By yesterday afternoon, whatever muscles are near your rib cage were killing me!  They're still sore this morning.  That is from the beginner pull-ups that I did.  I saw a video at Crossfit Brand X's website.  Get this - it was a video of teaching kids how to do pull-ups.  Yeah...that's a great perspective, huh?  Anyway - I placed my step/box in the closet and had my feet on it - then I'd plank my body and do pull-ups with my pull-up bar that's on the closet door.  And yes, I completely removed the door from this closet because it is not used as a closet - I keep my smaller workout stuff in in (weights, box/step, mat, etc.).  You won't believe how sore my upper body is from doing them this way - even the area around my shoulder blades are sore.  Obviously, I'm working muscles not used to being used!  I've seen where people do jumping pull-ups, but I have read several articles where those are not good - they cause RHABDO.  I won't explain what that is, just Google it.  It's pretty scary.  I don't like jumping pull-ups because they make my elbow area on my arms super sore, so I was looking for alternatives to doing them.  I'm glad I came across the video.  If I ever do a real pull-up, I'm sure you all will hear me shouting with glee!  lol

Y'all wish me luck today!
Wow..just, wow.  Even though I haven't ran much lately, I have to say I'm impressed with myself.  Granted, I didn't break any new records (bummer), but I didn't regress much either (yay)!'s the down and dirty:

5k = 3.106 miles - 52:44
1 mile mark - 16:52
2 mile mark - 33:54
3 mile mark - 50:58

I did a 6k on July 4th, which is 3.73 miles - I actually did 3.75, averaging 17.08/mile.  Today averaged out to 16.88/mile, so improvement there!  :)

The last time I did the Army test run of 2 miles was on September 30th and I did it in 32:19, so a little slip back there, but not what my beginner time was so I'm happy with that.  Especially since the first 5 minutes of today's 5k was a warm-up walk.  I started at 2.5 for 1 minute, then bumped it up .2 every minute until I made it to the 5 minute mark, so my 2 mile time probably would have improved if I had started running right away like I did on September 30th.  I'm happy with my performance today.  I started off running 2 minutes, then walking 1 minute.  I did that 4 times, then switched to running 100 meters, walking 200 meters all the way until the end.  I also sped up my walking segments to 3.3 (it was 3.0) and all run segments were at 4.1 (I've been doing them at 4.0).  Overall, very pleased!  It feels great to be back on track somewhat.  :)

Y'all have a good weekend!

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