Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Being sick....

Being sick....I love this - it's SO true, isn't it?  The reason I posted it? looks like I have Addy's nose problems - only mine is a head cold.  I'm going to get some meds and juice this morning to try to keep it from turning into anything else.  I feel horrible!!  I blew my nose and sneezed and blew my nose and sneezed and blew my nose and sneezed all day yesterday - had the best intentions of working out, I just didn't have any energy.  I'm hoping to get a workout in today.  I plan to do the run training thing, plus "Fran" from CrossFit.  Here's what it will look like:

5 minute warm-up walk
4 x run 100 meters, walk 300 meters - withOUT holding on to the treadmill
5 minute cool-down walk
      thrusters w/50# (calls for 65# for women, but I only have 50)
      pull-ups (I'll do beginner pull-ups)

Y'all wish me luck today.  I've already had to stop and sneeze and blow three times while typing this!  AARRGGHHH!!!!

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