Monday, November 4, 2013

If each day is a gift, I'd like to know where I can return Mondays.

If each day is a gift, I'd like to know where I can return Mondays.  :)

Wow - where to start?  Last Tuesday, I took Hayley to Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta to meet up with her neurologist to try to refill her pump using a fluoro machine (x-ray).   Well, they got the needle inserted in the right spot, but when they tried to extract the old medicine nothing would come out.  So, we flipped her over onto her side and they looked at the pump and discovered the reservoir was on the wrong side - which meant her pump had somehow flipped completely over.  We went through the ER to get admitted and finally made it into a room around 8:30 or so on Tuesday night.  They did surgery Wednesday morning and told me we could possibly go home Wednesday evening.  Please note - every time we have had this surgery, they have told me we could possibly go home that same night - it's never happened AND it didn't happen this time either.  Even though Hayley has never had any issues with anesthesia or morphene, she started throwing up around 2:00/3:00 Wednesday afternoon and continued all the way through until 12:30 early Thursday morning.  They had given her Zofran, but that didn't help, so they switched to Phenergen (?) suppositories and that seemed to do the trick.  She had been put on fluids via IV overnight Tuesday because they weren't sure what time they could squeeze her into surgery and thought it would be closer to 12:00 on Wednesday, but apparently an 8:30 time opened up and her neuro-surgeon jumped on it.  Dr. Wruble came by Thursday morning and was planning on sending her home that evening, but she looked so horrible (still green and sickly) he decided to keep her overnight.  I'm glad they did kept her.  I can handle anything but throw-up!  I can clean it up all day - that doesn't bother's watching/hearing them throw up that gets to me.  I told the nurses I was taking advantage of them during all of those episodes while we were there!  We finally made it home on Friday around 1:00 and then I had to go straight upstairs to the office and do payroll checks.  I was so exhausted and so happy to be back home in my bed.  Normally, Honey-Buns is at the hospital with me but he was unable to go there this time because Katy didn't have anyone else to keep Addy during the day, so he got baby duty all by himself.  I think he was just as exhausted as I was!  Needless to say, I slept almost 11 hours overnight Friday into Saturday.  I do believe I caught up on my sleep!  lol  

I'm hoping (really, really hard) to get back in a normal routine soon.  How crazy is it that today's HIIT Mamas workout is the Hero WOD from Brand X last Monday?  And, no...I did not do the workout last week but I'm doing SOMETHING this week - even if it's just getting on the treadmill.  I've got to get busy - I'll never make my goal of being Army fit by the end of the year if I don't!

HIIT Mamas:
   50-40-30-20-10...10 lb ball/18" box/20 lb kettlebell (Brand X women:  14 lb ball/20" box/26 lb kb)
   40-30-20-10, X pack...14 lb ball/20"box/26 lb kettlebell)
   30-20-10, X puppies...10-14 lb ball/15-20" box/15-24 lb kettlebell)
      Wall ball shots
      Box jumps
      Kettlebell swings

Like I said earlier, I'm doing SOMETHING today and I really hope it's today's workout!  lol  Hayley is not going to school today, she was exhausted by bedtime yesterday, so I know she won't accomplish much at school if she's tired, so that saves me a little time there but JEEZ...I need to get busy!!

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