Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Be stronger than your excuses.

Be stronger than your excuses.  Okay...I REALLY need to remember this AND practice it!!  I actually a window of opportunity to work out yesterday, but I fell asleep while holding Addy.  I had just got her to sleep and was going to lay her down and go work out while Honey-Buns was here yesterday afternoon.  He said he didn't wake me up because I rarely fall asleep during the day and he figured I must have been exhausted.  Which is kind of sweet, but really...I took a nap?  I never nap because whenever I do, I usually wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep.  Well, apparently I was pretty tired because I not only went to bed about 30 minutes earlier than normal last night, but I did not wake up AT ALL until my alarm clock went off this morning.  I think I must still be catching up on the sleep I missed while Hayley was in the hospital last week.  I just did not sleep well while there.  Oh well...let's try this again!

My plan is to do yesterday's missed workout and just be a day behind everyone this week.  I'm also doing the modified version from Brand X, but it's basically the same as HIIT Mamas just fewer reps.
      Wall ball shots w/4 lb ball (it's what I have)
      Box jumps, 11" box (ditto)
      Kettlebell swings w/24 lb dumbbell

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys.  Some days I just think I'll just give it up, but my intentions are good and still there.  It's just getting on a schedule and in a groove again.  I'll get it - just don't let me give up!
Who got a work out in today?  This girl!!  That's who!!!  I did the modified version listed above (30-20-10) for a time of 10:44.  I used a 4 lb. ball for wall ball, 11" box for box jumps, and 25 lb dumbbell for kettlebell swings.  I am SO out of it - my time would have been WAY better but I had to stop and catch my breath a couple of times.  I got one in...woot-woot!!!  :)

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