Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Filthy Fifty

Filthy Fifty - yep...we're doing it!  I have to say, I'm amazed to see the pull-ups on here as "jumping pull-ups".  It says the same thing even on the CrossFit Brand X site, although they recommend you to NOT do jumping pull-ups.  It causes RHABDO, which is pretty gross.  If you don't know what it is, Google it.  Serious stuff.  Anyway - they do say "don't do jumping pull-ups" on the modification post.  Lucky for me, I've discovered that jumping pull-ups kill my elbows so I've stopped doing them and have been doing beginner pull-ups.  I place my aerobic step in the closet (my pull-up bar is in the closet doorway) and I put my feet on it, hands on the bar, plank my body and pull-up.  I have to say, I can tell the difference since doing these.  My back/shoulder muscles are usually pretty sore the day after, so I know I'm doing something right.  :)

Just to spell it out - here's the Filthy Fifty:
   50 - box jumps
        - pull-ups
        - kettle bell swings, 20#
        - walking lunges
        - knees to elbows
        - push press, 20#
        - back extensions
        - wall ball, 10#
        - burpees
        - double unders (sub tuck jumps)
   *Modifications are:   35 of everything for pack, 20 of everything for puppies

I believe I'm going to do the pack modification of 35 of everything.  I will also substitute tuck jumps for double unders, since I can't do those.  I've also read on the Brand X website that doing extra single unders isn't a good substitute for double-unders because they don't have you going through the same motions - so tuck jumps it is!  :)

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