Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don't complain about things...

Don't complain about things you're not willing to work hard to change.  Truth!  I'm posting this for two reasons...first and foremost because yesterday was an election day.  I voted, did you?  I'm extremely disappointed by the number of people that voted here yesterday.  Don't get me wrong - I don't know/have any relatives/friends that were running for a position.  I'm just tired of seeing/hearing people bitch and moan about politicians and every day folks in office and what a lousy job they're doing, blah, blah, blah - then when it comes time to actually get those people OUT of office, no one shows up, so they jump on the back on the bitching bandwagon when nothing changes.  It just drives me crazy.  I don't know how many of the 14,000+ people who live in my town are registered voters, but only 751 showed up at the polls and voted.  In a neighboring town of 621, only 31 voted.  That is just sad to me.  Granted, these were city council elections this time, but still - according to our local newspapers' comment sections - there are TONS of people bitching about things the council has been doing!  Come on people, how hard is it to go vote?  Which brings me back to my second reason for posting today's hard is it to get in a work out?  lol  I'm trying, I'm trying!  I think I'm okay as long as I still have the "I didn't work out yesterday" guilt thing going on.  I know I'll be up shit creek if I ever don't feel bad for not working out.  So, as long as it's on my mind then that is a good thing!!  lol

Today's HIIT Mamas workout:
   3 rounds for time
      15 front squats w/40 lbs
      15 pull-ups
      15 push press w/20 lbs
      15 knees to elbows
      15 hang squat cleans w/20 lbs
      15 back extensions

The only thing I'm changing in today's workout is the weights prescribed.  I think I'm going to do 40 lbs (or close to it with my adjustable dumbbells) for all weight exercises.  I'll at least do it that way for the first round...then I'll see what's up and adjust as necessary.  I must say, I love these workouts where no shoes are required!!  lol
Got another work out in!!  Woot-woot!!  Honey-Buns just HAD to go to our truck yard, so I took the swing and Addy upstairs to my exercise room.  Here's what she looked like at the beginning of my workout:
She looks like she's thinking "What in the world are you doing, Grammie?"  lol's what she looked like by the end of my workout:

Bored!  Even Pitbull blasting from my Ipod couldn't keep her awake!  I just turned down the music and turned off the lights and left her napping.  She has since woken up, starving of course!  lol  Baby love!!

My time was 15:02 and yes, it could have been way better but I just couldn't go like I used to.  Normally I can kick it in on the last round, but not today.  I also used 38 lbs for all weighted exercises and my inner thighs are S-O-R-E from yesterday and now today as well.  It feels good to work out again!!  :)

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