Thursday, September 27, 2012

38:28 - I DID IT!!  This was definitely the toughest workout yet!  Total time on the treadmill was 27:44, so not too shabby on 50 squats and 50 situps.  I didn't have too much of an issue with the squats (other than feeling the burn in my ass!), but really struggled through the situps.  I did the first 30 fairly easy, but kept resting every 3-5 after that until I got to 44.  Then I started counting backwards and pushed through the last 6.

I figured 800m was close to 1/2 mile so I did 1/2 mile segments on the treadmill.  I did manage to run (okay, slow jog - really slow jog - 4mph) for 1/4 mile all totaled.  I'm NOT a runner, but could actually run for longer periods of time than ever before - so that was an accomplishment too!  I'm looking forward to the day I can actually jog 1/4 mile straight without stopping!  I feel great right now - of course I AM sitting down right now!  lol

Still loving the CrossFit workouts!  I've discovered I like challenging myself and am glad my husband wasn't home today when I worked out.  I always get red in the face and he thinks I'm pushing myself too hard and tries to get me to slow down- well, I would have hated seeing my face during today's workout!  I really can't wait for measurement day on October 8th!  :)

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