Thursday, September 27, 2012

I took an Aleve last night to alleviate the soreness in my thighs and guess what?  It worked!  I only feel those pesky, newly discovered muscles whenever I bend over today - not as bad as I thought.  I really thought my abs would be super sore since I did full situps yesterday, but no.  Something tells me they will be sore's today's planned workout:

For time:
   Run 800 km (which I discovered is almost 1/2 mile)
   50 squats
   Run 800 km
   50 situps
   Run 800 km

Since I know I'm not a runner (!), I will substitute walking.  I will, however, throw in a run with each segment for as long as I can handle it.  I really would like to be a runner, just can't control my body/breathing whenever I do it.  Hopefully this will improve as well.  I almost can't wait until my "compare to" date!

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