Monday, January 5, 2015

Queenie Gets in Shape Again!

Yup...that's the plan.  Let's hope I stick to it.  It's going to be tricky because I am still babysitting my beautiful granddaughter, Addy.  She will be 17 months old on Thursday.  She's a lot more independent and a lot more mobile, so we'll see how it goes.  I am not going to go all "gung-ho" on starting, but start at my pace and then do more and more.  I am going to follow the same CrossFit/type blogs that I followed before - HIIT Mamas and CrossFit Brand X.  I may or may not stick to just those two workouts.  I haven't really decided.  I do know that I plan to do something every day - I just don't know what that something is.

I have made a resolution - which is to do the equivalent of a minimum of 1 mile/day, whether on my treadmill or outside (weather permitting).  Seven miles per week is my commitment for now.  Which means, if it comes Sunday and I haven't done anything, then my butt will do all seven miles on Sunday, which doesn't sound like all.  So I'm going to work really hard to keep that from happening.  My workout week will begin on Mondays and end on Sundays. 

Todays blog workouts are listed below...
   HIIT Mamas:
      4 rounds each for time -
         run 800 meters
      *rest as needed between rounds
   CrossFit Brand X:
      rest day

I'm choosing HIIT Mamas today, but I will not be running.  I will walk the entire two miles.  I don't know what speed, incline, etc. until I get upstairs on my treadmill.  Again, I'm not going all is my first day back after all.  I should have no problem doing this since Addy is not here on Mondays.  She stays with her other grandmother every Monday, unless it's a doctor's appointment day or if the other grandmother has plans.

I'm super excited to be back "at it" and I hope you bear with me as I start this journey and try not to judge me too hard. 


Done!  I admit, it felt good to sweat again - without having a hot flash!  lol  I did the entire two miles and my time was not great, but I wanted to start off slow and I made sure I was doing a speed on the treadmill so I wouldn't have to hold on to the handles.  I'm listing the breakdown of speed/incline below.

50:31 total time
200 meters @ 2.0 speed/0 incline
200 meters @ 2.4 speed/2 incline
200 meters @ 2.6 speed/3 incline
200 meters @ 2.6 speed/4 incline
200 meters @ 2.8 speed/0 incline
200 meters @ 2.8 speed/2 incline
200 meters @ 2.8 speed/4 incline
100 meters @ 2.8 speed/2 incline
25 meters @ 2.6 speed/0 incline
25 meters @ 2.4 speed/0 incline
25 meters @ 2.2 speed/0 incline
25 meters @ 2.0 speed/0 incline

I plan to take a long soak in the tub tonight and try out some new bath bubbles I received for Christmas.  Hopefully I won't be too sore tomorrow.

Two miles down, 5 to go for my weekly minimum!!  :)

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