Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Taking a "blog" break...

Okay - I know I need to work on my new schedule.  I do...I really do.  I was unable to work out yesterday because Addy was NOT feeling well at all - her poor little nose is either stuffy or runny.  I swear all I did yesterday was suck it out with the "snot-sucker"!  lol 

I am not going to post anything until I can get into a normal routine with her.  I'm still writing down the workouts from HIIT Mamas and am still going to try to do them.  I just feel like such a failure because I haven't been able to do them lately, yet I know Addy comes first.  I'll post when I can workout - so hopefully this blog won't be totally blank.  I know things will get easier, but I'm just trying to catch up on work or housework while she naps and I just play with her while she's awake.  It won't be for long, so bear with me!!

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