Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a good excuse for a bike ride.

Guess what?  I have stomach muscles!  And thigh muscles....and triceps!  Yep...they're there.  I am feeling them this morning!  lol  When I first woke up, my shoulders were achy.  Now?  It's my thighs that are the worst.  But, that's what happens when you use those "unused" muscles so I'm not complaining.  :)

If you can't tell from today's quote, it's recumbent bike day.  I was going to ride my bike the other day, but the batteries were dead.  So, I'm changing them today and getting on that thing.  It's quiet and I can workout while Addy naps.  I ended up working out in my dining room and on the back deck yesterday.  I did jump rope outside on the deck, so I wouldn't disturb Addy while doing that.  Since it was a tabata workout, I just did everything in the dining room/kitchen area.  I went to all this trouble to write down each exercise on a dry erase board and even numbered them for the 8 rounds.  It was misty outside and I didn't think, but my dry erase board got wet, so I had to scrounge during my first 10 second break to find pen and paper.  It was not fun, especially when I thought I was prepared.  I really liked the Tabata timer app that I downloaded.  I had it set for 60-second preparation, then 8 20-second workout rounds with 10-second breaks in between.  When my eighth round was completed ad it shut off, I would just hit the start button and then I had the perfect minute in between exercises.  Much easier than trying to workout and stare at a clock!

Well, things to do this morning.  It looks like someone wants to watch Frozen AGAIN!  I'll let you know about my workout after it's completed.  :)


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