Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Failure is not fatal.  Only failure to get back up is.  Well...that's a good thing in my case, isn't it?  lol  I want everyone to know that I am NOT a lazy bum/couch potato whenever I don't get a workout in.  I'm just busy.  I did not workout yesterday.  My original plan was to catch up on office paperwork for most of the day since Addy was at her other grandmother's house.  Well, I did make it into the office, but only for about 45 minutes.  Then, I started on Hayley's laundry, which led me to finally getting her winter clothes out and putting her summer clothes away, which led me to going through all of her clothes and getting rid of what she doesn't/can't wear any more, which led me to cleaning out the closet and under her bed and before I knew it I had to stop and pick her up from school.  I then finished up everything after I got back.  Right when I was getting ready to go work out, Katy called to see if I could pick her up from work.  The clutch went out on Andy's car so it was in the shop, so he drove Katy to work but when it came time for her to leave he was in the middle of his work and couldn't leave and she had to go so she could feed Addy and keep her on schedule.  So, being the great mom that I am...yada, yada, yada.  :)   Anyway - the point is - I was very busy yesterday and my butt muscles are sore.  Not sure what I did that used them so much yesterday, but yeah - they're there! 

My plan is to do the workout I planned to do yesterday - "20 x 20".  I'm not going to list them all again - just read yesterday's blog.  :)

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